Luis Varela-Rico is the sum of his parts. As a person, he is a diverse product of many influences. While his Mexican heritage deeply grounds his cultural and familial heritage, his professional education and career experience are uniquely positioned in the technological scape of Las Vegas, NV, USA.


As an artist, his diverse knowledge of machinery and their applications have formulated an artistic approach which integrates CNC, welding and CAD design formats to create a number of recognized public art projects and private commission pieces of sculpture.


Like many artists, Luis uses his aesthetic inspirations to influence and direct his viewpoint and design vocabulary. The sensibilities found in Japanese, Meso-America and Native American culture are but some of the visual cues observed in his work. Luis tirelessly continues to pursue new projects which shape who he is as an artist and person. Varela-Rico states, “As bodies of work come and go, they represent time capsules of who you were at a specific time. These time capsules allow for reflection and hopefully a sense of growth which can be fulfilling.” 

Contact Luis at: [email protected]