Owner: City of Las Vegas
Location: Main & Commerce / Las Vegas, NV
Price: $246,000
Dimensions: 16′ x 16′ x 16′
Materials: .25″ Stainless Steel Plate
Date: 2018




Located in the Arts District downtown at Main and Com­merce streets. The work is made of two large steel sculptures, inspired by Southern Paiute basket weaving. Both pieces are 16-feet-by-16-feet, weighing 10 tons a piece.


“For generations, the nomad­ic tribes took great pride in developing intricate and beautiful ways to create and adorn their baskets. I discovered that these baskets were mostly used for storing food, seeds and transporting of goods. I then wondered why these people would take such care to indi-vidualize and beautify an ordinary utilitarian object.”

– Luis Varela-Rico