Owner: National Park Service
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: Undisclosed Cost (Approximately $150,000)
Dimensions: 20′ x 9′ x 16′
Materials: .25″ Steel Plates for Skeleton

Partners: Tahoe Mack & Dana Albany
Date: 2019


Seventeen-year old, Tahoe Mack, conceived of the Monumental Mammoth for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. To bring her vision to fruition, Tahoe has partnered with two professional artists , Luis Varela-Rico and Dana Albany, to design and build the sculpture.

The project’s 501(c)(3) non-profit partner, Protectors of Tule Springs, collaborated with Tahoe Mack to bring this public art sculpture to life. The Monumental Mammoth will serve as a trailhead feature that entices the public to enjoy and explore their national monument at Tule Springs.